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First thing I will do is sit down with you and find out what kind of home you are looking for. It is important for me to know what your likes and dislikes are in a home, and what your preferences are. I use a comprehensive checklist to record this information to help ensure that I continually provide you with the listings you will be interested in.



Once I know what kind of home you are looking for, I will pull the active listings that may suit your needs, wants, and desires. If you are in my office, I will show you the list of homes available. If you are calling me, I will e-mail the list to you for your review. I will then continually provide new listings to you for your review via e-mail. These e-mail listings will allow you the opportunity to review important information about each home.



Before we look for houses, it is in everyone's best interest to ensure that you are prequalified for a mortgage loan. This is to ensure that we are looking in a price range that you can afford and are comfortable with. Sellers in most cases will want to see a pre-qualification letter prior to accepting any offer to purchase their home. If you are not working with a mortgage lender, I can help find one for you.




Once you have reviewed the list of homes I have provided to you, I will schedule showings on the homes you would like to visit. I try to schedule the homes so that we visit them in a logical order. Your time is valuable, and I don't want to waste it by driving back and forth across town.


Once at the house, I can either keep quiet and let you look, or provide valuable information about the house that I observe. This depends on your comfort level with homes. Many times a buyer has too much to look at when they enter a home so I will provide you with copies that you can make notes as we view homes. 




Once you find the house of your dreams, we will sit down and look at what the house is actually worth based up recently sold homes that are comparable. Once we write an offer on the house, I will immediately submit it to the Selling Agent, who will present the offer to their Seller. Please note that an Earnest Money deposit is required at the time the offer is made. This can be in the form of a personal check. The check WILL be cashed upon the acceptance of an offer.


I will wait for a response in regards to the offer, and immediately notify you of the Seller's response. If there is any sort of counter or hesitation, I will advise you of the possible options, and negotiate on your behalf.




Once you are under contract to purchase the home, there are a series of events that must occur, and deadlines that must be met. I will ensure that all of this happens without missing a deadline. I will also be part of the entire process. This is to include working with your lender to ensure that the appraisal is order and completd on time, and that all deadlines are met. I will also be present for the Home Inspection. Not every agent does this. I do because I believe it is a vital step in the home buying process, and I want to be able to answer any questions that you may have and advise you accordingly. I can also recommend home inspectors should you need me to do so.


Again, I will be with you through the entire process, all the way through the Closing. At the closing I will be present to ensure that everything goes through without a hitch....and perhaps more importantly I will be there for moral support as this is a very nerve-wracking time for a lot of Buyers. I know as I have been there myself.




I am YOUR REALTOR®  and will be here for you! This means that whenever you have a question, I will be there for you. You just need to call me or send me an e-mail. My cell phone is on 12 hours a day (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.), seven days a week for business, and my e-mails are automatically forwarded to my cell phone. If the call goes to voice mail, I am temporarily unavailable, but will promptly return your call.




If you are buying a home, my goal is to help you find the perfect home at a price that you can afford. This can only be accomplished by getting to know you and thoroughly understanding the market. I want to help you find a home that you will love for years to come. When I talk to you in future, I want to hear how much you still love your house, with the same excitement and enthusiasm that you have when you first walked into it and had the feeling that "this is the one!"

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