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First thing to do is visit with you and find out about you and your home. It is important for me to know about the house so that I can properly market it, and about you so I may know you expect from your REALTOR®. After letting you know what I can do for you and your house, I will tour the home with you. This provides you the opportunity to tell me about the house, and me the opportunity to let you know of suggestions I may have to help get the house sold.



Once we have a listing agreement, the first thing I will do is enter your listing into the MLS system which will then immediately send the listing into affiliated websites such as,,,, and numerous other websites dedicated to listing real estate. In addition to the general public, there are over 400 members of the Pueblo Association of Realtor members that look at new listings on a consistent basis, and as a notification, I will send out a blast email that your house is now on the market.


You will find that with my listings, I put in the maximum number of photographs and descriptive text as possible. To market your property with the best possible information. Click for a sample of the MLS Listing and the Photographs associated with the listing.




Video is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool. If you would like, I can shoot and edit a short video of your house and property. This video can then be entered into the MLS with the photographs. Additionally, it can also be placed on YouTube. Click here for a sample YouTube video. This video will also be input into the MLS and websites such as



Virtual Tours are also becoming a popular marketing tool. A Virtual Tour is simply still photographs that are stitched together and incorporated with titles and music. Click here for a sample Virtual Tour.



Immediately after putting your listing into the MLS system, I place a sign in your yard. This attracts potential buyers that are driving around looking at homes. It also shows your neighbors you are selling your home. Sometimes they know of friends or relatives that have expressed an interest in the neighborhood so they, too, tell others about your property.  If you desire, I will make unique colorful brochures for each of my seller's homes. And most importantly, I maintain the flyer boxes to keep brochures in them. Nothing makes a potential buyer more frustrated than to expect to pick up a flyer to see if it fits their needs, only to find the box empty. You may click here to see an example of a my flyers.





As a seller, if you want open houses, I will hold open houses. This gives your home additional exposure, and will allow more people to see it.



After your house is shown, I follow up with the Showing Agents to get their feedback on what their clients liked and disliked about your home. I then forward this information to you. This helps us highlight the items that are positive, and address the items (if possible) that are negative.



Another thing I do that separates me from other agents is that I do property visits on a regular basis. If your property is vacant, I will routinely stop by and enter the property. I do this to ensure that your investment is safe and secure. I want to make sure that the doors and windows are locked after showings. I want to ensure that there are no problems, and if there are, that they are addressed in a timely manner. If your property is occupied, I will do periodic drive by visits to ensure that the sign is still standing and there are flyers in the box. I will also make note of the curb appear of the property. This is especially important if your house is occupied by tenants.



I take the time to provide you with a regular weekly report. This report highlights how much activity your house is generating, how many showings it has had, and feedback. I will let you know of when I visited the property, and and general comments that I may have had. Communication is key, I work hard to keep good communications with my Sellers.



When an offer is receieved on your home, I will immediately give you a phone call and arrange to physically present it to you. If the offer is not acceptable to you, I will advise you accordingly, and upon your official response to the offer, I will present your counter to the Buyer's Agent, negotiating on your behalf.

Once the offer is accepted from the Buyer, I will immediately process the contract and work with all parties to ensure that all events are performed correctly and deadlines met. I will keep you informed every step of the way, up to and through the Closing. I will be present at the Closing to ensure that everything is completed, and perhaps more importantly, I will be there for moral support, as the Closings can be very nerve-wracking for some people.



Being your REALTOR®, I will be there for you. You just need to call me or send me an e-mail. My cell phone is on 12 hours a day (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.), seven days a week for business, and my e-mails are automatically forwarded to my cell phone. If the call goes to voice mail, I am temporarily unavailable, but will promptly return your call.



If you are selling your home, my goal is to help you set a list price that represents top market value, without going so high that it does not sell at all. This can only be accomplished by thoroughly understanding the market. To help you obtain this, I do a detailed market analysis which I provide for your review along with my price grid marketing. In addition to a market analysis, I provide you a list of homes in your area that are the competition. This helps to understand where your home falls in with other homes listed for sale. I work very hard to get my listings sold. After all, a listing alone doesn't bring money to the seller or the agent.

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