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When deciding where to purchase real estate or land, it is helpful to know more about the area that you will be living in. Buying a house is a huge investment, and it is more than buying a physical structure or a plot of land, you buy will be buying into a community. Below are some links for resources that will provide additional information to aid you making a more informed choice about the community that you will hopefully live in for a long time.




Public Safety & Emergency Services



Pueblo County Sheriff's Office, 719-583-6125 - Non-Emergency Number

Pueblo Police Department, 719-553-2538 - Non-Emergency Number

Colorado State Patrol, 719-546-5464 - Non-Emergency Number

Pueblo County Fire Departments

St. Mary Corwin Hospital, 719-557-4000 - Non-Emergency Number

Parkview Medical Center, 719-584-4000 - Non-Emergency Number

Southern Colorado Clinic Urgent Care, 719-553-2208 - Non-Emergency Number



Pueblo County Commissioners, 719-583-6000

Pueblo City Council, 719-553-2655

Pueblo West Metropolitan District, 719-547-2000

Pueblo City-County Library District

Southeast Colorado Information, Referral & Assistance Center, Dial 211




Cable and Satellite Television

Comcast Cable Corporation, 719-546-3216

Direct TV, 888-795-9489

DISH Network, 888-825-2557



Black Hills Corporation, 888-890-5554

San Isabel Electric, 719-547-2160


Natural Gas & Propane

Colorado Natural Gas, 800-720-8193

Xcel Energy, 800-895-4999

MarGas, 719-547-4444



Comcast Cable Corporation, 719-546-3216

Century Link, 800-475-7526



Board of Water Works, (servicing Pueblo City residents), 719-584-0250

Pueblo West Metropolitan District, (servicing Pueblo West residents), 719-547-3554

St. Charles Mesa Water District, 719-542-4380

Colorado City Metropolitan District, 719-676-3396

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